Belinda Hodge

Belinda Hodge

In the situation where a client already has a website, but it’s looking like it needs renovating, we can easily move it to WordPress.

This is the procedure that I follow:

1.  I install WordPress on my local server or on a live test server on the internet.

2.  I copy the content and images from your old site that you want to keep and add it to the new WordPress site on the test server.

3.  I add any new content that you give me.

4.  Once approved, I delete your old site, install WordPress on your hosting server, and them import all the new pages and posts I created on the test server.

If your hosting is not appropriate to host your new WordPress site, I will help you setup a new hosting plan.  When we are ready to change over I will need to login to your domain name and change the DNS to point to your new hosting.  After 24 – 48 hours this will resolve, and then I can install WordPress and import your pages and posts.

Moving posts and pages can be tricky, but luckily there is a WordPress plugin available that will update all the page links, urls, and images to resolve to your new site.

Link Re-directs

Before I install your new site, I will capture all the page links from your old site.  When your new site is installed I will arrange for the redirection of any page links and redirect them to the appropriate pages on the new site.